Live simulation of an IT crisis after a successful hacker attack

Five strong partners from five different sectors show how to deal with the crisis and find a solution in a worst-case scenario.


  • Date 16. May 2024
  • Time 09:30 – 13:00 o'clock
  • Location Schloss Eicherhof
    42799 Leichlingen
  • Organizer ENUR Expertennetzwerk | @-yet GmbH


March 10, 2024, the medium-sized company Max Mustermann,

  • owner-managed
  • producing worldwide
  • several hundred million euros turnover

notices in the early hours of the morning that its central IT systems are no longer available and have been encrypted. Production comes to a standstill worldwide.

How to deal with this? What to do?

The partners of the Enterprise Resilience Expert Network (ENUR), consisting of

simulate this attack live and show the way to deal with the crisis and the solution.

Please note that all events will be held in German.

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