Data needs protection

Data is the modern oil. And just like oil, things can go wrong if there’s a leak and data starts flowing away. @-yet makes sure that you can transform your data securely into fuel for your company.

The five @-yet principles of data protection


Data protection is privacy protection

Personal data belongs to people and deserve respect and protection. Personal rights are not negotiable, but must be treated well.


Speaking of people: Good data protection starts with them

Every day, people work with stored company data and sometimes make mistakes. Humanly. They need awareness and good training.


Data protection creates competitive advantages

Good data protection defines rules and processes for a more effective use of data. Well-managed data creates an economic advantage, more satisfaction and more trust.


Data protection is a good feeling

If you have protected your data well, you can sleep better at night and don't have to worry during the day. Earn money instead of risking fines.


Data protection needs IT security

Without IT security, data is like sheep without a shepherd, dog and fence - easy prey for the wolf. Functioning data protection is only possible with a secure IT infrastructure.

@-yet perspective

Data protection is like a rental car: it must be treated with care and you should never, ever leave the key in the lock!

Lucia Straßer – Manager Data Protection

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