@-yet rescues and defends, quickly and systematically

In an emergency, the @-yet experts will be there for you immediately. We’ll help your company get operations up and running as quickly as possible with minimal loss. If you have been hacked, we gather evidence, help you to notify the authorities, and provide the services of our partner law firms specialising in IT law and security.


Just remember these two things:

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@-yet’s emergency assistance

Security incident analysis

Catastrophe comes creeping softly, whether from outside or inside. The first warning signals of an attack are often ignored or misinterpreted during the working day. A short technical hiccup, a careless click on a link, a brought-in USB stick – the system is easily compromised. @-yet specialises in early identification of security incidents, so that you can take rapid action and prevent the danger from spreading.

Incident response

The bitter truth is: there is no such thing as 100% secure IT. What’s true for analogue is also true for digital.

However, when an emergency crops up, you can rely on @-yet to be 100% there for your company.

We put together an expert team to react quickly, competently and systematically to any type of emergency: repel ongoing attacks, protect and restore your services and data, restore and stabilise business processes.

Digital forensics

Before the crime scene cleanup starts, we come in. The @-yet forensics team starts work during incident response. We compile full documentation of the incident and secure evidence. Working within the framework of ongoing measures and legal follow-up, @-yet furnishes its clients and the authorities with all information that might be useful for determining the perpetrator, prosecution, checking liability and compensation.

System integrity check

Are all your doors closed? Who has the key? Are there doors that you never installed? Your system for preventing and defending against attacks can only be fully effective if it’s properly locked up. @-yet checks for any unnoticed “back doors” in your network that hackers may have created and could use to access or tamper with your data. We detect malware and seal up any doors that shouldn’t be there.

Threat hunting

Sometimes, it’s more of a gut feeling or a vague suspicion. You just have a sense that something isn’t right. By that time, it’s usually too late. Lots of cyberattacks can no longer be called “attacks” – the enemy is already moving about freely in your network. We use specific patterns and indicators to identify hitherto unspotted attacks on your IT that have taken place or are still ongoing. That way, we can respond promptly to repel the attack and barricade the hackers out.

Data recovery

Data is a tool, a product and a valuable to your company – all at once. If it gets erased, whether due to hacking, a virus, hardware failure or human error, you will face costs in money and resources. @-yet uses specialist data recovery tools to restore lost data as far as physically possible.

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@-yet perspective

Hackers tend to know a fair few tricks. @-yet knows more.

Florian Straßer – IT Security