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We are an interdisciplinary team of experts: every one of us is at the top of their field. We are all about achieving results, whatever the situation – an acute incident, risk minimisation, safeguarding or data protection. We always find a way. IT security and data autonomy are decisive success and growth factors for enterprises and organisations.

My company is my castle! Where to find us.

@-yet GmbH
Schloss Eicherhof
42799 Leichlingen, Germany
+49 2175 16 55 0


Getting here:
Schloss Eicherhof is between Cologne and Düsseldorf on the A3 motorway. Put “Leichlingen, Am Hammer” into your satnav. The approach to the Schloss is signed. Electric vehicles can tap electricity directly at the castle.


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„For us, it’s the result that counts: data autonomy for your business success.“

The @-yet management: Wolfgang Straßer – Strategy, Lucia Straßer – Data protection, Florian Straßer – IT Security. 
Established in 2002, @-yet is an independent owner-operated company working tirelessly towards our unswerving objectives: your IT security and data autonomy. Our professional team of experts are some of the best in the field.


@-yet perspective

IT security is more than just virus scanners, repelling hackers and data protection:
The digital transformation is opening up present and future opportunities for a better world in every area of life. We work to ensure that good things come out of this new world.

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