Securing your IT secures your success.

IT security expands your organisation’s freedom of movement. @-yet advises the management on building future-proofing into your digital business opportunities and business models right from the start. Digital security by design underpins economic success – from development through to rollout.

@-yet’s consulting services

Success-oriented risk consulting

We believe IT security should be a business driver, not a hindrance. That’s why our risk consulting is oriented towards making your digital corporate objectives into reality – with maximum security.
That means you can focus on opening up new digital business opportunities and guaranteeing trustworthiness for clients and customers, confident that you meet legal requirements, exceed the standards for your sector, and can exhibit all relevant security certification.

Safeguarding process digitalisation

To us, improving IT security is about more than just improving existing digital structures: we also help companies to transform insecure analogue processes into secure digital processes.

Digital marketing compliance

Just because something is working, doesn’t mean it’s working right. Data-based digital marketing opens up new opportunities for tailored target groups. @-yet supports your marketing teams as they develop and run campaigns and ensures that all your activities remain GDPR-compliant.

Industry 4.0

The digital transformation in the industrial sector is the zone where IT and OT (operation technology) meet, an encounter that begets new and specific requirements and opportunities associated with the IoT (Internet Of Things) and control systems for machinery, plants and production processes. @-yet Industrial IT Security GmbH is our own consulting company specialised in Industry 4.0. You can find more information here.

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