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@-yet proactively protects your company with customized security solutions before threats turn into serious damage. For @-yet, the focus is not only on technology, but also on people: Their motivations, needs and the structures of your company in which they operate. IT security should not only protect, but also facilitate daily operations and maintain the ability to work. And since every company is unique, @-yet does not offer off-the-shelf solutions, but works with you to develop your individual and perfect security strategy. 

Make your company more resistant to cyber attacks with @-yet

IT security is not an end in itself. It is a central pillar for protecting your data and maintaining your company's ability to do business. In an increasingly digitalized world, companies' sensitive data is constantly exposed to threats. This doesn't just apply to cyber attacks. Data theft, internal security gaps or technical failures also put company data at risk.

With a robust IT security strategy, @-yet not only protects this valuable information, but also ensures the integrity and availability of your IT systems, which are essential for day-to-day business operations. This minimizes risks and helps you to maintain operations even in crisis situations. IT security is a decisive factor for sustainable business success and the long-term development of your company.

Find vulnerabilities and security gaps before they are exploited

A crucial aspect of IT and information security is identifying vulnerabilities and security gaps before attackers can penetrate them. @-yet takes a proactive approach to securing your IT infrastructure. Using a range of analytical methods, our security experts simulate attacks on your company in order to uncover potential vulnerabilities and close security gaps. These simulations range from targeted attacks on individual systems to complex scenarios that realistically simulate technical, organizational and physical attacks. With over 20 years of experience and an interdisciplinary approach, our teams have access to the knowledge and methods of modern cyber attackers during these simulations.

Security, on mobile devices and in the cloud

Networks, server systems and workstation computers are repeatedly used by attackers to infiltrate a company's IT infrastructure. However, a lot of data is no longer stored within companies. “Software as a service” and cloud storage have become popular solutions for the cost-efficient provision of resources. And hardly any employee today has to do without a smartphone. However, the security of these systems is usually rated lower than pure availability. In the worst case, this can become a costly problem. @-yet develops and implements customized security concepts for your cloud and mobile solutions to ensure that this worst case scenario never occurs. 

IT security is @-yet

@-yet - This is a team of experienced experts who protect your company from the threats of the digital world. With the latest technologies and up-to-date interdisciplinary know-how, we rely on proactive measures to detect and avert threats at an early stage. In the event of an emergency, our team is at your side to get you back to work as quickly as possible. 

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