Business as usual – even in emergencies

Being prepared for a serious incident means being able to keep working during the incident, continuing your operations as seamlessly and with as little interruption as possible. @-yet works with you in the background so that you can keep working in the foreground. Continuity helps you secure long-term contracts and client relationships.

Continuity solutions

Business impact analysis

Nowadays, functioning IT is business-critical for any enterprise. Faults and downtime have immediate negative effects on operations – and the longer they last, the worse it gets. We analyse the precise repercussions that vulnerabilities, faults and emergencies could have for your business, and develop measures to help your business keep running with as little interruption as possible, even during a serious incident.

Risk assessments and risk management

You can’t manage risks if you’re not aware of them. @-yet’s risk assessment identifies your weak points, so that you can prioritise and initiate appropriate measures. The better you understand the risks, the better you can optimise the costs of mitigating them.

High availability

IT security is about more than just resilience against attacks: it also means ensuring your business keeps running even if there’s an operating error, technical failure or some kind of accident bringing down individual components or entire networks. @-yet develops backup and recovery scenarios that ensure data and operations are maintained during emergencies.

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@-yet perspective

Interruptions must be short; runs long. @-yet ensures that you can overcome emergencies as quickly and with as little loss as possible.

Florian Straßer – IT Security