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GDPR check

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is something many companies have been struggling with since 2018. Getting a lawyer to draw up a privacy policy and dropping it on your website isn't enough. It’s crucial to have the right processes, reporting systems and compliant handling of personal data. It’s much easier to collect and store data than it is to delete it: how quickly and thoroughly do you delete personal data – and how can you prove it? The @-yet experts check that your company meets the requirements for suitable technical and organisational measures (TOMs) and helps you comply with all applicable requirements of the GDPR.

External data protection officer

Depending on the size of your company and the type of data you are processing, the GDPR may require you to designate a data protection officer. The trouble is, it’s one job nobody wants to volunteer for. The solution: @-yet can provide your company with an external data protection officer who has the necessary expertise to competently advise and support you. Save time, save energy, save money!

Data protection management

Data protection is tricky. It’s good when you protect your data yourself. Even better when someone helps you. @-yet supports your company with every aspect of data protection and is available to advise and assist your data protection officer as they implement regulatory requirements and internal data protection processes.

Data protection training

Data protection is relevant to every employee. It starts with the content of an everyday email. From company gossip to negligent handling of personal data: @-yet provides employee training targeted towards specific departments and tasks. We teach your employees to think about data protection during their daily tasks and implement it as a matter of course.

@-yet perspective

Client data is like a hire car: it must be treated with care and you should never, ever leave the key in the lock!

Lucia Straßer – Data protection & Compliance

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