Custom IT security solutions with empathy

Our expertise goes beyond comprehensive knowledge of our subject. We also understand people: what motivates them, and our clients’ structures. We develop individual, bespoke security solutions, adapted to your local circumstances. IT security is there to support and enhance daily operations. Every company is different. It’s just not possible to create really good IT security with an off-the-shelf solution.


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@-yet’s five principles of IT security


Prevention is better than cure

Vulnerability analysis, attack simulations, physical vulnerabilities, code review. We test everything that can be tested and build sustainable resilience.


Moving targets are harder to hit

IT security doesn’t stop once the fortifications are built: it’s an ongoing process. We give you the tools to work and live more securely in future.


In an emergency, every second counts

If something is on fire, you don’t wait around to see if the fire goes out by itself. Our experts make sure that operations can get going again as quickly and securely as possible.


IT security starts with you

The biggest vulnerability isn’t in the computer: it’s in front of it. We explain, raise awareness, provide training, hold emergency drills… the goal is to make sure your employees feel secure and act securely.


It’s better to have the best on your side

To get the best results for your business, you need the best, the seasoned operators who know every trick in the book. That’s us.

@-yet perspective

IT security is a bit like dental care. It needs a good clean daily, with regular checks by an expert – someone who can also offer an immediate appointment if something goes wrong.

Lucia Straßer – Compliance and data protection